Dreaming of Doha: A Night Sponsored by the Phillips Collection

Thank you for letting me share…Images from the Dreaming of Doha event sponsored by the Phillips Collection and held in the Dock 5 space at Union Market. #dreamingofdoha #TYFLMS


A video game nook gave you classic games like Super Mario Brothers and Pac-Man to relive back in the day glory. #dreamingofdoha #TYFLMS


The henna artist was in high demand, but able to beautify a variety of body parts. Traditional-styled lanterns decorated the room. #dreamingofdoha #TYFLMS


Henna tattoo from the Dreaming of Doha event hosted by The Phillips Collection. #dreamingofdoha #TYFLMS


Four falcons were perched at the back of Dock 5 for our viewing pleasure, and wranglers managed their interaction with attendees. This guy, though helmeted, was good for a subliminal side eye. #dreamingofdoha#TYFLMS


Live painting in progress. Artists worked throughout the evening to create a roughly 4×6 ft mural (that I forgot to capture at the end of the night LOL) #dreamingofdoha #TYFLMS


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